Top 7 Eurovision Songs of 2018

One of my favourite times of the year is upon us! 2018’s Eurovision Song Contest is fast approaching and will be center stage at Lisbon, Portugal. There will be 43 songs, either very cheesy or essentially bops, and a contest full of big props and over-the-top staging. Oh, and there’ll be plenty of Eurodrama on Twitter nearly every day.

This year’s Eurovision season has been going on since the end of December, with many countries selecting their songs through a national final or being internally selected by the countries’ public broadcaster.


As a massive Eurovision enthusiast, here’s my list of top 7 songs of this season to look out for:

6. Moldova: DoReDos – ‘My Lucky Day’

Moldova’s entry this year brings us back to the good old days of Eurovision in the late 2000’s, when countries weren’t afraid to send cheesy songs that are a cultural representation of their music. ‘My Lucky Day’ is my guilty pleasure this year. Horrible lyrics, but an infectious ethnic beat and chorus. Be on the lookout for their live performance featuring a Moldovan dance break. Many could call it cheap, but I call it iconic.

6. Italy: Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro – ‘Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente’

This year, there are many songs with serious messages behind them. This is possibly due to the powerful themes of the songs from the two previous winners of Eurovision. Italy has followed suit. Titled, ‘You Did Not Do Anything To Me’ in English. Meta and Moro sing in Italian about the terrorist attacks that have happened around the world, in particular those in Cairo, and London. While the song is dark, it does still have a lively beat and is uplifting in the message of defiance to being hurt by the actions of the terrorist attacks.

5. France: Madame Monsieur – ‘Mercy’

France’s entry this year is an electro-pop song based on the true story of a little girl, who was a refugee being born aboard a ship while her mother was fleeing the violence of her country. The key part of the song is the bridge, which is guaranteed to have everyone in the audience clapping along, where the duo sing: ‘Mercy, Mercy, I’m alright, thank you.’ The French duo have garnered a lot of attention from Eurovision fans with many seeing this as one of the favourites to win the contest.

4. Australia: Jessica Mauboy – ‘We Got Love’

The Aussie pop queen is back to take Eurovision by storm! Previously performing as an interval act at Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen, Mauboy has been selected to officially represent Australia in the competition with an uplifting, and powerful song. ‘We Got Love’ is an anthemic mid-tempo track with a clear and simple message of promoting love for all, no matter the circumstances. The song’s dips of thin and thick textured instruments allows Mauboy to showcase her vocals, while also having a big instrumental bridge that has the potential for some great staging in the contest.

3. Greece: Yianna Terzi – ‘Oneiro Mou’

Greece used to be a powerhouse country in Eurovision in the 2000s, finishing in the top 10 every year, but they’ve struggled lately to produce the same great results. However, this year could be different. Yianna’s song titled ‘My Dream’ in English is a very emotive, ethnic and orchestral song that means a lot to Greeks around the world, including me. The song is an imaginary dialogue between the country Greece in the verses, and the Greek people in the chorus. The instrumental helps lift the power of the song with continual building throughout the song.

2. Belarus: Alekseev – ‘Forever’

The Ukrainian star will be singing a slick song with cliché lyrics, but the song caught my attention during my first listen. It’s very much a slow and dark ballad at the beginning with piano chords accompanying Alekseev’s smooth vocals. Percussion is added before the more powerful chorus, with Alekseev professing his love for a person. The song progresses the same after the first chorus until the bridge, where the song drops in dynamics and texture becomes more soft and emotional. It’s a dark and powerful addition to Eurovision’s song list.

1. Cyprus: Eleni Foureira – ‘Fuego’

Eleni Foureira is known as the Greek pop queen and has delivered the banger of the contest that we all deserve. Despite the song title being in Spanish, Foureira sings the entire song in English. The track  has a sound that is very current, topped off with ethnic flair. It has a big build from the verse to the infectious chorus, which leads to a unique ethnic, and Greek sounding beat drop that will have everyone dancing. The song works to Foureira’s strong vocals, but also allows a lot of choreography and a huge staging show for the semi-final. Cyprus has never won the Eurovision Song Contest before, but Foureira could deliver Cyprus’ best result ever.  

Time to start organising those big over the top Eurovision parties!