Fashion Collage — A Showcase

Steph Newman

Steph Newman is a fourth year Communications/International Studies student currently living in Tokyo.

“While I don’t get to do much creative work in my degree, art and design is an important outlet for me. I find that working on collages helps me to focus and be mindful on the process of creation.”

“Each piece takes between 3-6 hours to complete, including all the time it takes to flip through magazines and newspapers looking for clippings. I prefer physical collages due to the extra challenge of being limited to the clippings and dimensions available: you can’t resize pictures or undo mistakes, but instead have to learn to work with them.”


“Sometimes I start a piece that doesn’t look any good, and I just have to move on to something else and accept that this is part of the process. Some ideas aren’t meant to be.”


Several back issues of Vertigo were used to piece together these works in order to pay homage to the magazine’s past, while also looking to the future of this creative, collaborative space.

You can find more of Steph’s work on Instagram at @tomodachito.