Vertigo is always on the lookout for pitches and submissions of creative fiction and non-fiction writing, visual art, feature articles, news and reviews in the following sections:

  • Fiction
    • Short stories, poetry, flash fiction: everything we know and love about creative writing, or something we don’t know that will surprise us.
  • Non-Fiction
    • We want non-fiction and creative non-fiction writing from all facets of life. Anything you’re interested in, we’re interested in too.
  • Amplify
    • Youth culture, music, fashion, arts and lifestyle— this is Amplify’s bread and butter. Ranging from prolific to up-and-coming, this section will showcase individuals in their creative element through authentic conversation. We are looking to support and promote the creative scene of UTS and cover events near you.
  • Offhand
    • Offhand is home to all the weird and wonderful things that don’t quite fit inside the box. We want your quizzes, games, playlists, satire and comics to fill the back pages of our mag, nothing is too quirky or weird!
  • Showcase
    • This section is dispursed throughout the magazine, showcasing any design-related bodies of work including (but not limited to) fashion, animation, architecture, product, photography, and typography.

Cold Submissions

Already have a completed piece in mind to submit? Send your work straight to with a brief summary of content and themes.

Ideally, you could also briefly describe how your work relates to our next theme.


For written work

Have an idea for written content that isn’t complete? Please be as specific as possible and provide:

  • Content — what you want to write about.
  • Structure, style, tone — how you want to write it.
  • Scaffold of your piece outlining narrative, structure, voice.
  • Approximate word count.
  • Whether you would you classify your work as factual, creative, or reflective.

And, to get a sense of your voice, attach any examples of previous work (Any work! Even essays will do!).

For visual art

Tell us whether you’d like to be involved as either:

  • Design contributor: Artists who are keen to work closely with the Vertigo design team to create conceptual art that will accompany written articles.
  • Visual showcase: Artists who have work they want to be featured as standalone art in the magazine e.g. illustrations, comics, photography that tells a narrative.


Please be as specific as possible and tell us about your proposed:

  • Medium.
  • Concept.
  • Style and tone.


And don’t forget to attach any examples of previous work!

Format Guidelines

Please send written work in a Word document with 12pt font and 1.5 paragraph spacing.

Please send visual work in PDF format.

How to contact us

Email all your pitches and submissions to and a friendly editor will get in touch with you shortly.


Check out our Facebook page for the most recent callout for themed contributions at or just send us a message to say hello. We can’t wait to talk to you. We love talking to you so much.