What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is UTS’ student publication curated by a ragtag team of  student editors. Released six times throughout the year, the magazine encompasses written and visual contributions that have been fostered from a place of curiosity, or that were made with the intention of provoking curiosity in others.

Vertigo Magazine is free to pick up around uni, with stands scattered around all major buildings. Vertigo also has an online platform where we post exclusive content, such as campus news, as well as the best of the best from the magazine. We have an emerging video channel, VertigoTV, where we showcase student work, as well as post news and original skits.

We are here to foster emerging voices, and all students are encouraged to submit their work, regardless of faculty or experience. Vertigo is a platform that is designed for up-and-comers, as well as the most masterful of contributors. The Vertigo team is here to facilitate voices and guide them towards the terrifying world of professional practice.

As much as we groan and grumble, university is a time where we enjoy the most creative freedom. The freedom to learn and shape our own identity in an environment that encourages innovation and conversation. We are here to explore.

The knowledge we absorb doesn’t just come from lecture slides or a list of graduate attributes, it seeps in from all around us. Never will we be more exposed to different schools of thought, new people, fresh ideas, and odd opinions. Even though semesters are shrinking, our desire for learning is ever-expanding.