what is vertigo?

We here at Vertigo have one mission and one mission only, to entertain you. If you didn’t already know, Vertigo is your semi-monthly-tri-weekly-ish student magazine that appears every so often in magazine stands all over the campus.

The magazine is produced by the Students’ Association and run by your dashing, daring and all around charming editorial team with the intention of showcasing the talent of the UTS student population and keeping them up to their eyeballs in awesome infotainment.

That means that we are your go to source of information for what’s happening on campus.

Yes, we are the place you look when you have ten minutes spare at uni and want to read something other than your lecture notes for that really hard subject you do that has such a staggeringly boring name that it makes you want to vomit.

We are what you pick up when you are staring at your assignment schedule and just need a sudoku hit to numb the pain of your increasingly stressful life. We are your commuting companion, your breakfast browse, your pub-wait publication. Basically, it’s a magazine for you.

But we are also a publication by you as well and in order to keep going as your student magazine we need content that you have written and we need lots of it. We need content the way your primary school teacher probably needed valium. So if you blog or draw or write little notes in your textbook that you think are worthy of a wider audience, you should get in contact with us.

Even if you haven’t written anything for us yet but think that you can be of some use get in contact with us by emailing us at submissions@utsvertigo.com

Alternatively, if you just want to keep in touch with what we are up to you can give us some like at facebook.com/utsvertigo or follow us in a non-creepy way on Twitter at @vertigomagazine.

So take this opportunity to read Vertigo, write for Vertigo and to generally be engaged with a cornerstone of student life here at UTS.

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