The Big Lift’s (TBL) recent collaboration with UTSoC has resulted in exciting new opportunities for budding journalists and videographers. We had a chat with TBL’s President Jen Ng to learn more.


Vertigo: Can you tell us a bit about The Big Lift and its initiatives?

Jen: Sure thing. The Big Lift is an ongoing, non-for-profit community service project, which launched at UTS as a student run organisation in 2010. Founded on the philosophy of ‘paying it forward’, The Big Lift aims to leave lasting and meaningful impacts on the communities we work closely with through our service projects and activities. We also hope to foster a sense of civic duty and leadership in our participants, by giving them both an opportunity to step outside the classroom and give back to the community in a practical way that is both fulfilling and immeasurably rewarding.


Vertigo: Yeah, that definitely sounds like a rewarding experience! When and where do the service projects occur?

Jen: Over 9 days from the 9th – 17th July. We will be taking two busloads of students carrying a total of 80 students through regional NSW and regional VIC towards Melbourne.  At the towns we visit we volunteer 4 hours to complete service projects ranging from cleaning, gardening, painting; all unskilled labour.


Vertigo: We heard that TBL is collaborating with UTSoC; could you tell us a bit about your plans for 2016?

Jen: UTSoC have a new social justice initiative which aims to connect communication students with the wider community’s established programs and activities, in an effort to create a more inclusive environment. We saw a great opportunity to collaborate with them as the field of media and communications has great potential in helping to spread The Big Lift’s ‘paying it forward’ movement beyond our networks.


Vertigo: It’s great to see clubs and societies working together towards a common goal!

Jen: Yeah, as a communications graduate, I am very much appreciative of the potential of media in bringing to light important social justice issues. I thought, why not give media students the opportunity to; follow the news, develop their portfolio, and be a part of a society recognised for fostering a strong sense of community.


Vertigo: Can you expand on the opportunity you have for communication students?

Jen: Well, if you’re passionate about addressing social justice and are keen on media production and journalism, this opportunity may interest you. We are excited to announce that we’ve established an internship program which will allow up to 4 places on our buses for members of UTSoC; a spot for a videographer and a journalist on each bus. You do not have to be studying these degrees to apply for the internship.

If successful in your application, you will be invited onto our trip to help produce some media content:

Videographers will:

  • Produce a highlights reel
  • Produce a mini documentary about The Big Lift

Journalists will:

  • Help take photographs
  • Produce 2 pieces of publishable written work

Essentially this opportunity is excitingly unique because:

  • You will get to go on the trip at a discounted rate (half price)
  • Have an opportunity to publish work and develop your portfolio
  • Have a firsthand opportunity to follow the news
  • Get the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals
  • Get the opportunity to go on a one week road trip through regional NSW and VIC!


Vertigo: How can students apply for the internship?

Jen: Firstly, think about whether you want to join the trip as a print journalist or videographer.

  • For journalists:
    1. Submit a 800-1000 word written piece demonstrating your passion for social justice and the role/power that media plays in addressing it. It can be an opinion piece, an interview, a blog post about someone you know or from personal experience, a news features… be creative!
  • For videographers:
  1. a) Submit a 2-3 min video demonstrating your passion for social justice and the role/power that media plays in addressing it. Again be creative! It can be an interview, a vlog, a news feature, a doco, an artistic visual piece…

Submission guidelines:

  • Submit your piece of writing (Word or PDF) or video (YouTube or Vimeo Link) to both and with the subject heading of either “ TBL X UTSoC Journalism Internship Submission” or “TBL X UTSoC Videography Internship Submission”
  • Please note you will need to own or have access to your own equipment e.g. cameras and microphones.
  • Applications close 30th April midnight.


Vertigo: Can people join The Big Lift without having to apply for the internship?

Jen: Absolutely! Applications are NOW OPEN and close 25th April midnight. If you are interested in applying we’d encourage you to give the application your all – we’d love to be able to get an all-rounded sense of who you are!

To apply, click on the link below:




If you have any questions about The Big Lift or this internship opportunity, please feel free to shoot an email at or visit them via social media:








If you’d like a little glimpse into what TBL is all about, check out their video below: