Victor Zhou | Showcase

Victor Zhou | @smallcave


I have painted on various wooden boards that I have collected from people dumping their stuff out on sidewalks. But the finished works do not show this. Instead, the wood is hidden by the many layers of thick paint. I have then augmented them digitally to create saturatedly intense and radioactive images that almost seem to hurt the eyes. The visceral brushstrokes swerve organically, however, they are now digital and non-physical — they exist as pixels and colored lights on the screen. Whereas the first four works radiate outwards, the figure in the last work seems to hide within the dark ambiguous space of the image. 
When creating these images I was thinking about the post-apocalyptic, post-humanism and aliens. With advancements in digital warfare, nuclear weapons, space travel, and the abstract thunder-cloud of climate change, I feel that the end of the Earth is easier to imagine, compared to the future of Earth. Despite this, I have tried to re-imagine this seemingly hopeless future.







It is known that monsters reflect cultural fears. My works were inspired by internet folklore/creation legends, particulary of memes and monsters, and how they permeate and evolve throughout digital culture and media. Digital monsters and myths, such as Slenderman and Momo are created by the Internet. Fake youtube videos, photoshops, and “historical photography,” created by omni-present authors fuel and evolve their dynamic internet folklore.  And I am interested in how the internet is an ubiquitous, borderless and ever-evolving reproduction unit. But also, how these ideas have spurred strange and obscure digital monsters and myths.



Victor Zhou is a digital-mixed media artist, interested in the ontology of the digital image, post-humanism, and the politics and state of future-Earth. His work is centred around the online world and engages with the construction and proliferation of internet imaginations and myth.