Situational Alcoholism

Laurence Morassut | @laurencemorassut


I drink for pleasure and to escape into an altered reality. Why do you drink?

‘Situational Alcoholism’ explores the alcoholic tendencies of young people relative to certain social situations. It looks at how these tendencies are normalised and in many cases glorified. 

This series of intimate portraits looks at the specific drinking culture of me and my mates, as I drink alongside them in an effort to explore our lifestyle and choice to embrace drinking as part of our lives. Each portrait is a genuine snapshot of their drunken state which is achievable through my close relationship to the subjects. The aim of this is not to glorify our drunken lifestyle but rather portray it in a non-objective light.










Laurence Morassut is an Australian Photographic Artist, currently working on the Central Coast, Australia. With work focusing on the nocturnal, much of his practice taking shape in the dark hours of the night. His work often appears dark and artificial in an aim to unveil an altered view of a world not often seen. His current practice focuses on Australia’s drinking culture. It aims to document the deep traditions of drinking within Australia while exploring the rituals behind it in relation so his own experiences.