Sarah Choo & Stephanie Todd | Showcase

Sarah Choo | @thesleepyscribbler

Stephanie Todd | @stephanietodd12


In our series Poly, the piece we have created is that of a female body…but mutated. In one image, a woman floats in the ocean, the shadows and reflections suggesting she is grossly mutated with four arms. In the opposing page, she is a Frankenstein’s monster of a woman, made up of multiple torsos and limbs spliced together, containing all the features of a beautiful woman. You see everything and nothing.






~ If awake, you’ll find Sarah curled around a thick book or tending to her fledgling succulent garden, and when asleep she dreams of fantastical cities made out of food. Find her work on Instagram @thesleepyscribbler.


~ Stephanie Todd is a filmmaker on a quest to find the perfect exposure, consuming frozen raspberries by the kg, seeing what makes humans tick through her camera lens. Find her on Instagram @stephanietodd12.