Beef Knuckles is a threesome of dudeburgers – Hon Boey, Bryn Desmond-Jones and Rob Moran. They make a pretty (in a boyish kind of way) zine filled with hat poems, comics about cats, basketball, and other adorably geeky things. This issue, the Beef Knuckles crew chat to ANDY HUANG about their zine (coincidentally also called Beef Knuckles). 


Tell us about yourselves, how did you discover zines?

Rob: We’re Beef Knuckles. Bryn, Hon and Rob. We draw, write and try to come up with ideas over beers and rambling emails.

Hon: I discovered zines by listening to punk music in high school. Every time you read about 70s punks they always went on about some zine called Sniffin’ Glue so I went to the library and borrowed a book about it.

Which came first, Beef Knuckles or Beef Knuckles? What brought you guys together and made you want to create a zine?

Rob: Hon and Bryn have been illustrating stuff for years. Hon’s also a designer. I write stupid shit. We figured we could put our powers together like Captain Planet kids and make something. But mainly Hon had a Gocco printer he brought back from Japan, and this was a way to make use of it.


You’re up to issue five now, right? Can you tell us what’s in your latest issue?

Rob: I think it’s six, or seven, no-one remembers and it’s so far away, I can’t reach it.

Hon: Well, we never know what’s going to be in it until before it goes to print. But our last issue had great illos and a funny story about when Robbie went to see Michael Jackson.


“Illos”? Uh, illustrations? It’s just that I had to Google it and it came up with something in Spanish…

Rob: Yes, illos = illustrations.


Beef Knuckles is an awesome name for a zine, what’s the story behind that?

Hon: No story unfortunately, but I’ve copied and pasted the email convo that led up to it:

Rob: Yo so what should we call it? I was listening to a Guided By Voices song this morning called Exit Flagger. The words look good together but I don’t know what it means.

I also like the sound of “face rake”.

Hon: What about “Have you ever been close to tragedy or been close to folks who have? Have you ever felt a pain so powerful so heavy you collapse?” No!

Rob: That’s too long.


1. We Fix Computers

2. Beef Knuckles

3. apple john’s yeasty tales

4. Tarred and feathered: the humiliating quarterly magazine

Then again, I’m better at drawing

Hon: I like ‘face rake’ and ‘beef knuckles’.

Rob: Beef Knuckles sounds tasty. Btw did you watch the Bulls-Celtics game today?? Amazing happened.


What are you working on now?

At the moment we’re organising an alternative zine fair to MCA’s annual fair. Because of their relationship with Transfield, a bunch of us aren’t comfortable being part of it. Instead we’ve organised an alternative that’ll happen on the same day (May 25) at Level 3, Central Park on Broadway.


Ah, fudge. I was actually looking forward to the MCA zine fair.

Rob: Come to Other Worlds, it’ll be better, everyone’s gonna be there instead. Also, it’s in a shopping centre, which is nicer than an art gallery.


Mmm, yeah. Burritos…  

Who: Hon Boey, Bryn Desmond-Jones, Rob Moran

What: Beef Knuckles

Where to get your copy: visit Kinokuniya or your local zine shop, or head to and shoot the BK dudes an email