Net savvy

Tired of trawling through the Internet looking for pop culture blogs worthy of your time and attention? Don’t know where to start looking? BELLA WESTAWAY has done the legwork for you. Here’s the latest and greatest of the Gen Y blogosphere. You’re welcome. 

Please note: ratings are out of 5


For the hipsters: Your Friends House

Alternative, provocative and “ahead of the social curve,” Your Friends House is the online hub for twenty-something hipsters who want to read beautiful prose chronicling the intricacies of their meaningless existence. Written by Gen Y for Gen Y, YFH publishes the work of Internet savvy, culturally attuned undergrads, who write about music, sex, pop culture, art and adolescence with unique rawness and unapologetic humour.

Potential for time wasting: 5

Potential for brain development: 4


For the nerds: Reddit

My first thought on my initial visit to Reddit was “holy FUCK this is an ugly website.” But it’s also rather awesome in a nerdy, time-wasting kind of way. Essentially, Reddit is a source of what is new and popular on the Web, like an online bulletin board. Registered members can submit content, such as images, texts, posts or links, and users then vote submissions “up” or “down,” positioning content on the Reddit home page. It’s frenetic, addictive and has more links than you can poke a virtual stick at, taking user generated content to a whole new level. Perfect for mindless procrastination.

Potential for time wasting: 5

Potential for brain development: 3


For the chicks: Yen Magazine Online

Yen, you beauty. One part girlie mag, one part indie look book, Yen Magazineis for “smart, creative cookies who love to be inspired.” Don’t expect to find the headlines – Yen is about features, food, music, art, beauty and fashion. Oh, the fashion! It is elegant, user-friendly, and jam-packed with quality content for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Potential for time wasting: 4

Potential for brain development: 4


For the clever cookies:  JUNKEE

Junkee is pretty damn cool. As Australia’s newest online pop culture title, Junkee is kicking some serious blogger arse since its launch in 2013. It’s rejecting the tabloid celebrity garbage and bad grammar saturating the Internet these days, and reporting pop culture and current affairs the way Gen Y wants to read it: with sass. On the downside, the site contains Girls spoilers and a picture of Miley eating a G-string. (I. Just. Can’t. Even.) It does require a fair amount of brainpower, so not highly recommended for hangover days, but it’s definitely my pick for quality writing and some sweet viral vids!

Potential for time wasting: 3

Potential for brain development: 5