Has this page helped you discover your new favourite podcast? Is your smartphone or high-tech listening device now filled with awesome audio stories that make the commute to uni much more pleasant? Good. Here are three more you can add to your iTunes library. Recommendations by BELLA WESTAWAY.


Strangers: ‘Love Hurts’

Broadcast: August 14, 2014

Strangers is about chance encounters and the connections we make with strangers. It’s the brainchild of radio producer Lea Thau, Peabody Award winner and former director of The Moth (another great podcast featuring true stories about people and events).

In this episode, Lea delves into the reasons behind her singledom. After being in a string of long-term relationships since her teens, she is flabbergasted when she finds herself pregnant and alone in her late 30s, and begins to wonder if there is something wrong with her, or with the dating scene itself…

Listening to Lea is like having coffee with your best mate. She’s warm, funny, self-deprecating, and talks about her sex life with cringe-worthy honesty. Committed to the cause, Lea goes as far as interviewing a guy she used to date and bluntly grilling him about why it didn’t work out. It’s raw, real, and pretty educational, albeit disenchanting for us twenty-somethings who think we’ve already found the love of our lives. All in all, not a bad way to spend 45 minutes stuck in traffic.


The Savage Lovecast: ‘No sex for you, anti-vaxxer!’

Broadcast: July 29, 2014

Dan Savage, the man behind The Savage Lovecast, is a gay author, journalist and editor. He’s crude, unapologetic, and likes to talk about sex. A lot. Gay sex, lesbian sex, bisexual sex – you name it, Dan knows EVERYTHING.

Which is where the podcast comes in. The Savage Lovecast is a weekly advice podcast, where listeners call in with their sex questions and Dan, you know, gives advice. But it’s so much more than that. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, ridiculously blunt, and so dirty that it requires an awkward “no-I’m-not-experimenting-with-my-sexuality-it’s-just-for-an-article” conversation with anyone who overhears a snippet while you’re listening in the bath.

In this episode, Dan chats to infectious disease doctor Jonathan Golob about getting down and dirty with an anti-vaxxer (“stop fucking this woman immediately”), consoles a poor dude who is worried about getting HIV from a blowjob gone wrong (“if you’re gonna suck the dicks of randos you meet on Grindr, you might wanna talk to your doctor”), and explains why male gynaecologists are not pervy creeps. I could tell you more, but I know you want to check it out yourself. Just don’t forget your headphones.


Sex with Timaree: “Slut Shaming 2014” or *Boobs and who needs to see them*

Broadcast: July 21, 2014

Sex with Timaree is an ‘edu-tainment’ podcast with Dr. Timaree Schmidt, a pretty cool chick who is super keen on us youngsters getting more educated about human sexuality.

This episode is about slut shaming and why it’s completely stupid. Responding to an article on some nice little Christian mum blog called ‘My Husband Doesn’t Need To See Your Boobs, Timaree eloquently and passionately deconstructs the argument that women who post provocative photos on social media are somehow making partners cheat. She’ll have you nodding along the whole way.