In Podcast-land, comedy nerds rule (seriously, do you even have to ask why?). Here are some weird, whip-smart and funny podcasts, recommended by ANDY HUANG.


The Nerdist: #294 Judd Apatow

Broadcast: December 10, 2012

As a podcast about “what it means to be a nerd”, there is nothing not cool about The Nerdist. Tina Fey was on the show once. She’s cool, right?[1] In fact, Chris Hardwick, who hosts the podcast with comedians Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, pretty much built his media empire (Nerdist Industries) on the whole ‘nerd’ shtick. This genuine enthusiasm and fascination with tech, gaming, the internet, comedy and pop culture comes through in the interviews, and is what makes the podcast enjoyable to listen to.

Basically, each week, Hardwick & Co. hang out with cool famous people (like Tina Fey), sometimes in their homes, and have these warm, wonderful conversations with them. This episode, they chat to film producer/director/writer, Judd Apatow, about his master plan to create a super family/bowling team of actor-besties (think the cast of Freaks and Geeks, Anchorman and Superbad). They discuss other things too, like that time when Apatow was fifteen and pretended to be a reporter so he could talk to his heroes, growing up in a comedy environment, and getting old(er).


Comedy Bang Bang: #240 Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost

Broadcast: August 23, 2013

Comedy Bang Bang is a fun, freewheeling hour of interviews. This one is a bit of an oddball; it’s unexpected, with a lot of improv by host Scott Aukerman, whose line of questioning often chases the sillier side of things.

The best guests are the ones who just roll with the show in all its charming absurdities – and this episode, featuring The World’s End director Edgar Wright and stars, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, doesn’t disappoint. The guys talk about The Cornetto Trilogy (greatest movie trilogy name, ever); small towns, pub-crawls and glory days; James Bond and Wright’s fear of scorpions in sandals.[2]


Additional listening (because, why not?):


Population: Dan Harmon. Okay, so there’s this other guy too.[3] But this is pretty much where Dan Harmon runs his mouth off now – after he got kicked off Community, a show he created that then wanted him back, only to later get cancelled after five seasons (R.I.P.).

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Little Dum Dum Club

Their site states that they’re “One of Australia’s most popular comedy podcasts!” – which actually isn’t a joke. Heralded as a trailblazer for comedy podcasting in Australia, Little Dum Dum Club is hosted by mates/comedians Tommy Dassalo and Karl Chandler – two guys who (lovingly) insult each other, and shoot the shit with their funny buddies, with previous guests including Wil Anderson, Josh Thomas and Nick Maxwell (of The Sweetest Plum podcast fame; another one for the comedy fans).

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here, and catch up on all there episodes, here.



1. That was a rhetorical question. Although, if you answered “no”, you have failed. What exactly? Only time will tell.

2. When I first heard it, I thought it was scorpions wearing sandals, which is strange and absolutely terrifying. But nope. He meant scorpions in his sandals, I later realised. Still, just as strange and terrifying.

3. Comptroller Jeff Davis (Who’s Line Is It Anyway?)