By Helen Tran and Martyn Reyes

It’s finally here. We’ve just launched our beautiful, first issue and we hope your excitedly flipping through the pictures, marvelling at all the amazing talent that we were so lucky to feature. We certainly have. To celebrate, our musical geniuses have whipped up playlist to get you into the ‘Trailblazing’ spirit. It’s pretty groovy.

From the words of our Music Subeditor herself…

“We have so many new and exciting things we want to do with Vertigo this year, and this playlist is the perfect way to kick off our funky-fresh, low-key-but-actually-dying-of-excitement feels. There’s a mix of fun up-beat numbers meshed with slower pieces, and power ballads, so you can connect with each song in which ever way possible. We’re focusing on modern day musicians, both international and homegrown,  that are marking foreign territory by doing what they love, and Vertigo is all about etching in those moments that help forge that trail.

Happy listening!