HATTIE O’DONNELL talks getting down and dirty with James Manson from Sydney band Deep Sea Arcade. Read on and find which tunes will make sweet, sweet love to your ears. 


When you first picked up an instrument, did you originally think that being in a band would get you more lady/man fans? And if you did think that, did it work? (Our editors need some serious tips)

I started playing guitar when I was about 10. The initial motive wasn’t to impress girls, who by that stage I was sure had cooties. It was more that after watching the brilliant film ‘Doin That Thing You Do‘, (featuring Tom Hanks as a 60s rock band manager), it became clear that the coolest thing you could ever possibly do was play in a band.

Is there a song or album gets you in the mood?

In the mood for…? Well I think one in particular that covers all angles of “mood”, sexy and otherwise would be B.B King’s ‘Live at The Regal’. You’re pretty well covered there.

What’s the coolest/most sexy moment you’ve had on stage at a gig? (Insert stories of fans throwing underwear at you if relevant.)

Ok I’m starting to see a theme with these questions. We’ve had quite a few bras thrown onstage. I did have a girl grab me offstage after a set once and take me out the back of the venue…To have a lovely chat about politics of course…

Is there a song/album that specifically turns you off?

Ooooh. Good question. That list really is endless. I’ve definitely left a few people’s houses after putting on terrible overly emotional indie music ala Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons, Matt Corby and the ever so dreadful and dreary James Blake. His music especially makes me feel that the end of the world couldn’t possibly be far away.

If we were to ask you to list your top 2 sexy (or super not-sexy) video clips, which ones would instantly come to mind?

Well you really can’t go past David Bowie – ‘China Girl’.  All those sexy shenanigans on the beach. Also ‘Country House’ by Blur features some particularly sexy 90s girls prancing about a life size game of mouse trap. Six year old me is high fiving present me as we speak.

Which band member of Deep Sea Arcade is the sexiest?

By a long mile it’s definitely Nick Weaver on the bass guitar. The way he plays that thing every gig has broken women’s (and men’s) hearts all around the world. One word, “Dayyyyummm”. But seriously, grooviest/sexiest bass player in the land. Oh dear, now it looks I have a man crush doesn’t it?

Have you ever had a sexy dream about another musician?

Once again the answer to this question is Nick Weaver.

What song would you put as number one on a playlist to woo your object of desire/current muse?

Well I actually did try this on the weekend wearing a sequin jacket and underpants. The song was Tom Jones ‘It’s Not Unusual’. If that doesn’t get your juices flowing, you’re in the morgue.

Finally, can you give us 5 tracks that you’re into at the moment?

Bryan Ferry – ‘This Is Tommorrow’: Ultimate class.

Bunk Johnson – ‘Franklin St Blues’: Sexy music of yesteryear. Your grandparents probably got down to…stopping that thought now.

Mick Fleetwood – ‘You Weren’t in Love’: Great tune. Also worth noting, the African kids on percussion. Being out of time sometimes works.

Chic – ‘Funny Bone’: One word…GROOVE.

Roxy Music – ‘2HB’: Beautiful song, fantastic lyrics, and some Eno brilliance thrown in.

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