Meet the Vertigo Team

Cover image: Marissa Vafakos

Illustrations: Romy Lester | @romaji_draws



Vertigo Volume 1: DISRUPT is on stands from 28 February 2019! In its honour, Vertigo’s editorial and design team have created a disruptive acrostic poem with words that best describe them. Read on to understand your Vertigo team a little better, and get hyped for our very first volume of 2019. 



D is for Descriptive — adjectives, adverbs, metaphors, similes…just fuck me up.

~ Lily Cameron: Editor





I is for Insurgent — I like to challenge the routine and hold those in power to account. Rebellion and chaos are where I work best.

~ Elizabeth Green: Editor





S is for Sassy — what’s a conversation without a bit of sass? Always be prepared for some attitude around me.

~ Susie Newton: Editor





R is for Ruckus — I like to overturn and challenge the predictable creative standards. The aim is always to induce a reaction.

~ Ady Neshoda: Creative Director





U is for UniversalI try to be disruptive large scale because we ain’t playing games out here no more. Go big or go home 😈😈😈

~ Sharen Samson: Editor





P is for Peculiar — some may see my design as strange, but I use it as an outlet of self expression. What does that say about me?

~ Marissa Vafakos: Creative Director





T is for Troublemaker — I like to shake things up and have a little fun. Never satisfied with the status quo.

~ Georgia Wilde: Editor