Writing competitions: April

Eugenia Alabasinis

Whether you’re an aspiring author who dreams of having their best-seller one day hitting the shelves, or simply a self-confessed word-nerd who daydreams through lectures thinking about fictional characters, these writing opportunities are a great place to put that creativity into action.

Voiceworks Issue #108 – Retrograde

Voiceworks is looking for new fiction from Australian writers under the age of 25 to be featured in their latest issue.

The Blurb:

Mercury is in retrograde and so is the (dis)united state of the world. Billions of people have a vivid episode of déjà vu in unison. Weren’t you at this same protest yesterday, and the day before? Your clothes nod to prior decades but your grandmother still doesn’t approve. You think you’re turning into your mother and into a child at the same time. Your laptop crashed and deleted a story you were almost finished working on. Your phone has stopped sending and receiving messages. Communication seems impossible. Your dog is upset with you and you can’t figure out why. You take her outside for a walk and you could have sworn you were going forwards, but the trees are shrinking into the horizon and only the buildings get larger. All the frogs are growing tails and turning black, and your breakfast burrito is travelling upwards along your oesophagus. Time is warped. History is spiralling back on itself. You’re having a nightmare about an orange demon and you can’t wake up. Your horoscope says better just to stay in bed this week.

Longform Fiction – 14th May 2017

Writing Style: Previously unpublished fiction, no more than two stories, each <3000 words.

Rate of pay: $300 for long form fiction.

More information: http://www.voiceworksmag.com.au/contribute/


Monash Undergraduate Prize for Creative Writing

This competition is specifically geared towards nascent writers, and is linked to the Emerging Writers’ Festival. Open to all Australian and New Zealand university students who are currently completing an undergraduate or honours degree, the first prize recipient will be awarded $4000.

Closing date: 12th April 2017

Writing Style: Creative writing that is 1500-3000 words. Short stories, creative nonfiction and narrative verse are accepted.

More information: http://www.emergingwritersfestival.org.au/monash-prize/


The Regal Fox

The Regal Fox offers an online space to have your writing published. Unpaid, themed submissions are currently open for ‘Unrequited Love’ and ‘Unsung Heroes’.

Closing date: 30th April 2017

Writing Style: Completed pieces <2000 words, particularly memoir pieces, poetry or short stories.

Submissions can be sent as a Word doc to submissions@theregalfox.com.au along with a short bio and your social media links.

More information: http://theregalfox.com.au/submissions/


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