By Jack Begbie, @jackbegbie

Team Verge have been elected as the new Vertigo editors for 2017. The results were announced at approximately 11pm on Friday evening.

Of the 2,634 formal votes cast, 55% went to Verge, whilst Flex received 32%, and teams Chocolate and Rocket received 8% and 4% despite running no formal campaigning effort.

In a statement, Verge Editor-elect Michael Zacharatos wrote, “this election was tougher than any of us could have imagined, and as we have been fortunate enough to be elected as editors for Vertigo 2017, we have a lot of people to thank.”

Zacharatos commended Team Flex’s efforts saying they ran “the toughest competition (Verge) could have encountered.” He thanked Verge’s volunteers and admitted that “until the results were announced yesterday there was never a clear indication of how this (the election) was going to play out.”

In a Facebook post, Team Flex expressed their gratitude to the Stand Up SRC ticket, with whom they developed a preference & campaigning deal, and they congratulated Verge on their victory.

“We know you’re (Verge) going to do a great job as editors next year…and we’re sure we’ll be working together very soon!”

Flex also stated that the fight for a more progressive and inclusive publication was not over, saying “we promise to continue to fight to ensure that all student voices are heard and represented.”


Left: Verge Team celebrates their campaign victory, Right: Flex campaigning in the lead up to last week’s election.  

The incoming Vertigo Editorial Team for 2017 includes Aaron Taylor, Akshaya Bhutkar, Bec Cushway, Elliot Vella, Kezia Aria, Kim Phan, Louisa Luong, Mariella Powell-Thomas, Michael Zacharatos, Sophie Booth and Sophie Waddington.

The eleven Verge Editors, who will begin work in January, anticipate they will deliver eight physical editions of the student mag as well as online news and video content, for more than 40c per hour in 2017. Enjoy!