National Day of Action protest, May 2013. Photo: Vertigo

Lachlan Bennett

UTS students are not expected to face academic penalties if they miss class tomorrow to attend the National Union of Students’ protest against tertiary education funding cuts.

However students should not assume any lectures or classes are cancelled. If attending the protest means they’ll miss a “critical event”, they are advised to contact their lecturers.

“If a student knows that there’s something definite planned for tomorrow in their class, some assessment item or some critical event, you know they shouldn’t just not show up. They should confirm with their lecturer whether it’s okay or not,” Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor Peter Booth said.

An email has been sent to the Deans of every faculty, asking them to “exercise some flexibility, where possible, with students who want to be involved in this Day of Action”.

However across all faculties, it is unclear whether or not students who miss class to protest will be considered ‘absent’. Many subjects have attendance requirements. Students could potentially fail a subject if they miss a certain number of classes.

The National Day of Action protest is taking place on Tuesday August 20.