‘A Few Less Men’ — Review

‘A Few Less Men’ details the Australian journey of three friends, David (played by Xavier Samuel), Tom (played by Kris Marshall), and Graham (played by Kevin Bishop), who are tasked with bringing the body of their recently deceased best friend, Mark, home to England.

Faced with hurdles that grow in both difficulty and insanity, one thing can definitely be said for the film: it doesn’t slow down. The first of these hurdles — a death erection — gives preview to the style of comedy that is to come: in your face, irreverent, and uncomfortable. Also known as Angel Lust, a death erection keeps the penis in a constant state of ‘attention’ even after the body ceases to function, leaving the group of three no choice but to bash Mark’s ‘problem’ with a heavy book in an attempt to save him some dignity at the funeral home. Predictably, they are walked in on during this scene.

A hovering problem throughout the film, outcomes can frequently be presumed even as the gag’s foundations are just being laid. A plane crash from an idiot being left alone in the cockpit, a convenient rescue in the middle of the Australian desert due to a pop-up festival being held, and the only phone to contact home being broken by a disgruntled festival-goer’s need for alcohol are just a few of the convenient plot points that leave you longing for more flavoursome writing.

Despite this, there are some laugh-out-loud moments due to strong performances by the cast. Kris Marshall’s comedy talent is as strong as ever and present throughout, and Xavier Samuel’s convincing charm keeps you grounded despite the insanity taking place right in front of you.

All in all, if you’ve got an hour and a half to kill, are looking for something simple, mindless and (very, very) silly, then ‘A Few Less Men’ could be worth your time.

‘A Few Less Men’ is in cinemas now.