Off the back of their third album Sunbathing Animal, Parquet Courts have been jet setting all around the world. Soon they will be landing in Australia for a brief stint at Splendour in the Grass where one thing is for certain: Parquet Courts’ wild and energetic live show is not something to be missed. In amongst a crazy touring schedule, bassist Sean Yeaton took time out to answer some questions and talk touring and songwriting with JADE ELLEN.


What can fans expect from your Splendour performances?

It’s gonna be a whirlwind. We’re flying in from Japan, where we’ll only have been for a couple of days. We’ll get to Splendour and pour our souls into 45 minutes of unleashed rock insanity and then basically go to the airport and fly to Chicago. Without actually breaking out the calculator, I’m pretty sure we’ll be on airplanes for much longer than we’ll be on your fine continent. That being said, I’m sure it’s going to be a blast. Hopefully a lot of people come out.


Seeing as you guys aren’t doing any Splendour sideshows, what are your thoughts on coming back to Australia later on to tour the new album?

Seems like a reasonable idea, right? We were in Australia at the beginning of this year for a couple of weeks and we played mostly songs off of the new album. Australia has always seemed like someplace that’s so far away from home for us, but I guess Splendour will be the second time this year that we’ll be there and I’m sure we’ll be back at some point to do a proper club tour.


You guys have – quite rightly – said that Australia’s Total Control are “the best band in the southern hemisphere”. What are your thoughts on future collaborations with them?

I would love to make that happen. Their new record is amazing. Great human beings, too.


What is your song writing process like?

Nothing too crazy. Usually one of us will come to practice with a song – could be just a riff or a whole number and we’ll just pluck away at it until we feel we’re onto something. Since we play together so much and listen to so much music together, we tend to have a good idea of how to read each other’s minds in some capacity as far as coming up with individual parts goes.


What new Australian or international music have you guys been listening to?

The new Total Control is excellent. Ultimate Painting from London are fantastic, too.


What are your preferred conditions in which to listen to a record or cassette?

If I’m at home I listen to vinyl mostly. The majority of my music collection is on vinyl.


How important is cover art to an album as a whole?

I’d say it’s pretty important. When it’s done right, it really captures the essence of the sonic material it holds behind it, when it’s done wrong, it can [be] absolutely hilarious.


Known for their unique DIY approach to cover art and music distribution, Parquet Courts released their debut album American Specialties as a limited cassette run in 2011 and have established an aesthetic that resembles ‘edgy with a side of NYC punk.’ This demonstrates the band’s emphasis on the tactile aspect of music; something that you can hold in your hands and enjoy with a variety of senses.

But once you get your hands on a copy – be sure to spread the word. As the rambling text on the back of their 2013 EP Tally All the Things That You Broke says: ‘Unauthorised duplication is fully and 100% encouraged. Please distribute freely and share with the rest of society by any means necessary.’


Check them out at Splendour in the Grass on Sunday, July 27 and witness their raw yet polished sounds. Get all the info here.

Featured image via Sneaky