Sounds like: the laid-back beats of Pez with some of the playfulness of Funkoars, and an original message.

Thundamentals are known for their live performances and this was no exception; their show at the Metro Theatre was a reminder that Thundamentals are taking over the Aussie hip hop scene. Tracks such as ‘Quit Your Job’ with its catchy, rapid-fire lyrics, and the brass riffs underpinning ‘Got Love,’ had the audience hyped up and ready for more.

It was hard to hear the two over the enthusiastic roar of the audience, and while a past criticism of the band has been that MCs Tuka and Jeswon sound uncannily similar, it certainly gave their harmonies on stage a spectacular edge. Despite celebrating the release of So We Can Remember, the first song of the show – ‘How You Been’ – was a throwback to Foreverlution, captivating the audience and paying homage to long-time Thundakats.

Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Thundamentals drew influence from groups they grew up alongside, including Hermitude and Dialectrix. They describe So We Can Remember as a natural progression from the group’s last album, Foreverlution, and its precursor Sleeping on Your Style. The album has a darker, more down-to-earth sound but does not disappoint older fans, with a great variety of tracks ranging from the moody ‘Elephant in the Room’ to the soulful and witty ‘Something I Said’.

Supporting the group were Vanessa Caspersz, as well as Fozzy & Van and high-energy hip hop group Astronomy Class. All three were great support acts and contributed towards a positive live atmosphere which continued all through the night.

For fans of Thundamentals, this was a gig which should not have been missed. Between the main band and the supporting acts, there was something for everyone.