Sounds like: MGMT, Passion Pit, La Roux and the other electro-pop sensations that 90s kids came to know and love in their early teens.

The Metro was all aglow with an abundance of strobe, fog and surround sound synth, when New Zealand ensemble The Naked and Famous came to town. If you’re only vaguely familiar with the band through their song that featured in that weather-confused Strongbow ad, then we highly recommend giving their new stuff a go. With numerous awards under their belt and thousands of adoring fans worldwide, the Naked and Famous showed a refreshing sense of humility during their dynamic performance.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic provided support for these electro-rockers, who set the mood with an almost ethereal sound. Building percussion and a synthetic keyboard accompanied the stunning vocals of lead singer Tim Bettison, who utilised both acoustic and electric strings as unique tunes such as ‘Vapour’ and ‘Flaws’radiated around the room.

The Naked and Famous opened their electric set in style, with a crisp rendition of ‘A Stillness.’ After the initial wisps of fog and flickering strobe light subsided, the band members emerged, lead singer Alisa Xayalith cutting an empress-like figure in a black cloak. The crowd responded eagerly during the performance, belting out the well-crafted lyrics of songs like ‘Rolling Waves’and ‘Punching in a Dream’. Guitarist Thom Powers also added vitality to the performance, strumming fiercely to a futuristic keyboard and distinctive beat.

‘Young Blood’ was finally bestowed upon a waiting crowd when the band was encored back to the stage. “WE’RE ONLY YOUNG AND NAIVE STILL, WE REQUIRE CERTAIN SKILLS” was chanted collectively by a crowd that became one instead of many. Finishing off their performance with grace, an appreciative Xayalith shook hands with the front row as Powers propelled their paper plane set-list into the cheering crowd of young bloods.