Sounds like: The rustic, psychedelic sounds of The Drones with the intensity of The Stabs.

The dimly lit, intimate setting of Marrickville’s Factory Floor recently played host to the final gig of Infinity Broke’s River Mirrors tour. This four-piece ensemble is a new project of Jamie Hutchings and Jared Harrison, previous members of the band Bluebottle Kiss, which rose to prominence amidst the 90s garage rock scene in Australia. Their unique style of Australian rock was crystallised on the night, their tight-knit rhythm section combined with unconventional percussive instruments including a cowbell, a garbage bin, and an empty gas bottle.

The first support act of the night, Lobsterman, treated a small crowd to some lo-fi music, which was unusual, to say to least. Notable moments of their set included the witty banter of Lobsterman, as well as the drummer forgoing drumsticks at one stage to air drum through one of their tracks. The crowd then gained a few more members for the second support – The Holy Soulwho executed their gritty, skilful rock with prolific use of the whammy bar.

Infinity Broke provided a more measured approach to their performance, most tracks building from rhythmic percussion to spacey and psychedelic electric strings. ‘Monsoon’ hypnotised the audience, with Hutchings almost convulsing on guitar through the high intensity musical performance. Also pleasing to hear was final trackGallows Queue’, which was a little more soothing but retained the dark, almost existential theme of their set. Instead of bellowing out for an encore, a more mature crowd beckoned the musicians back, calling for more “moooore.” Returning to shred through a cover of Patti Smith’s ‘Free Money’, as well as ‘Termites’ – a Bluebottle Kiss rework – Infinity Broke proved that they are established musicians of a high calibre.