Sounds like: The fuzzy melodies of Animal Collective and the psychedelic ambience of Toro Y Moi throwing a tropical-themed party.

Taking  the stage at Newtown Social Club, Blue Mountains electronica producers Russell Fitzgibbon and Doug Wright, aka Fishing, brought their much-hyped LP Shy Glow to life. Support on the Sydney leg of their Australian tour came from the sampling delights of Hubert Clark Jr and eclectic beats of Melbourne’s Darcy Baylis.

Shy Glow is an album that is anything but shy. It hits you like a wall of sound, and that pulse ricocheted around the small, cave-like upstairs of the Newtown Social Club. It’s a hard sound to categorise, with slow-burning hip hop grooves and chill-wave vibes that make their music delightfully genre-bending.

Those new to Fishing and older fans alike warmly welcomed the duo, joined onstage by Al Wright, lead singer of Cloud Control and also Doug’s brother, who features on two of the album’s tracks. Three voices definitely pack a punch, and brought more hazy vocals than what can be heard on the LP; a change that gave a fuller sound to their live act

The gig didn’t follow the seamless flow from track to track that Shy Glow does so well, with a few kinks here and there with sound technicalities, but this didn’t deter the Mountains boys. Instead, it gave the duo a chance to banter with the crowd and made the night more communal, as the low stage of the Newtown Social Club took the pulsing mosh along for the ride.

Behind the duo was a wall of kaleidoscopic images, akin to the weird and wonderful music videos at foreign karaoke bars, which created an audio-visual sensation that complemented their hypnotic and psychedelic sounds. Fishing’s music has an innate ability to make you pull shapes on the dance floor, before you even notice you’re moving, and the sold-out show’s crowd pulsed to their bouncy, steel drum samples in ‘Chi Glow’ and cheered for clear crowd favourite ‘Choy Lin’.

Fishing won’t be winning any awards for ‘Most “Googleable” Band Name’, but amongst the electronic music scene they certainly are making a name for themselves.


Feature image via Facebook