Focus Your Eyes on Barker’s SRC

Michael Zacharatos

Lachlan Barker has been elected as President of the UTS Students’ Association (‘UTSSA’) after a convincing victory in the Students’ Representative Council (‘SRC’) elections.


Barker ran as the presidential candidate for the Focus ticket — a Labor bloc — and experienced smattering opposition from the Swipe Right Liberal ticket, independents, and a variety of ‘joke tickets’. Focus had a sophisticated campus presence with A-Frames and lecture bashing during pre-campaign, and had substantially more campaigners on the ground during the three election days.


The Focus factional alignments contrast those of the 2016 election, where the combined Unity, SLS, and Liberal Connect ticket painted the opposing ticket as “extremists”, while the combined NLS and Grassroots Stand Up ticket alleged they had been on the receiving end of bullying and harassing tactics. Evidently, factions looked past old wounds in the face of bettering the UTSSA to form this Labor bloc.


During the course of the campaign, Barker placed heavy emphasis on his wealth of experience from years spent in various UTSSA roles. Barker has previously served as Assistant Secretary and Secretary, and is the current Treasurer of the UTSSA. This year, Lachlan has worked extensively on amending UTSSA regulations and has collaborated with UTS management to improve University sexual assault policy.


Barker’s tenure as President will commence in early December.