By Jack Begbie

Calls by Connect ticket members to have the votes for Treasurer in the 2016 UTSSA elections recounted has been defeated.

Stand Up candidate Lachlan Barker won the role of Treasurer over Connect’s Edward Strong by a margin of 11 votes.

The motion, introduced by Taylor Ficarra, was defeated in a meeting of the outgoing UTSSA Executive before being ratified during a student council meeting on Monday night.

From minutes recorded at the Executive meeting obtained by Vertigo, we can report that the motion was defeated after Outgoing Education Vice President, Gabby Brackenbury-Soldenhoff, stated that the approximate cost of the recount would be $6000. This was followed by a suggestion from President Sammy Howes that the UTSSA follows Sydney University’s lead in having “candidates who challenge ballot counts pay from their own funds.”  

Speaking at the Monday evening, Brackenbury-Soldenhoff restated, “I do not feel Connect has the right to waste student money”, saying that the motion was only put forward because Connect “were a bit salty that they lost it by 11 votes.”

Outgoing President, Sammy Howes, told the meeting “Some people think that the union is a joke and they can waste money” and that those people “are both entitled and stupid.”

The executive’s decision to block the motion was approved unanimously by the SRC as no Connect-affiliated members chose to attend Monday’s meeting.


The results of the election for Treasurer were, and remain, as follows:

First Preferences:

(SVA) James Wilson 441

(Co) Edward Strong 931

(SU) Lachlan Barker 952


Two-party preferred:

(Co) Edward Strong 975

(SU) Lachlan Barker 986