By Margot Kelly

There is perhaps no other university in Sydney better placed to be made fun of than the University of Technology, Sydney. The ‘crane’, the temperamental WiFi and the infamous ‘ugliest tower in Sydney’ are just a few of the things that make UTS comedy gold.

UTS students are reclaiming a sense of university pride this week by laughing at themselves in the UTS Revue, entitled ‘The Secret Life of UTS’.

While revues are time honoured traditions at many other universities, this is the first time in recent history that students have held a university wide revue at UTS.

Co-director, Jamesina McLeod, says the revue’s humour is inherent in the situations many students find themselves in.

“There’s a lot of tongue in cheek in the student devised skits and songs – like how technology never works, having to choose an exchange country, wondering whether you are selling out in life or whether you should just accept that money is a necessary factor and that you’re not going to have it if you are in a Communications degree,” McLeod says.

The skits, including a hilarious rendition of Thrift Shop substituted with the lyrics “Co-Op Shop”, were collaboratively written by a team of six writers. However, the variety show involves up to 50 UTS student, from the six-piece stage band to those working with props, costumes and in the backstage crew.

Co-Director, Marina Currie, says including more people in a performing arts culture can only be beneficial for the University.

“If you want a ‘sticky campus’ where people come back to UTS, you make reasons to stay on campus – like putting on shows and supporting each other. These interfaculty events bind people together by putting people from Engineering in touch with people from Law and Communications,” Currie says.

UTS has previously played host to two Law Revues, one in 2010, the other in 2012. After the success of last year’s show, the decision was made to produce a university wide performance to include a broader range of students. The UTS Revue Society was established this year with the hope of facilitating a strong culture of Faculty Revues.

In McLeod’s words, the aim of the UTS Revue Society is to, “share the word, share the skills, share the fun and get revues taking off at UTS.”

While the Revue will make fun of all the things students love to hate about UTS, it also celebrates the good aspects of life as a UTS student.

Currie says, “The thing that’s missing from UTS is a strong environment where people can get together and make friends. With the Revue I’ve seen people grow in confidence from not knowing at all what they want to do then suddenly there’ll be a skit and they’re like, ‘Maybe we’ll do this’.”

Ashleigh Hanson, Nursing student and first time rapper, says the supportive environment in the Revue society helped her get involved in the Thrift Shop song.

“I had never done rap before but I was like, ‘Alright I’ll do it’. Even though I didn’t know any one in Sydney when I started my degree, the Revue is like my own little group of friends,” Hanson says.

The UTS Revue is being performed 7:30pm, August 15 – 17 at the Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre, Darling Habour. Tickets available at