By Jack Begbie, @JackBegbie

Beatrice Tan from the Connect for SRC ticket was elected President of the UTS Student Association, late on Friday night after three days of voting and three weeks of campaigning. However, Lachlan Barker’s election as treasurer means that Stand Up will have financial control of the association.

Tan received 1,222 votes, whilst her nearest rival, Heba Niem of Stand Up received 882 votes.

Connect also will also hold the Secretary and Women’s Officer positions in the new UTSSA after Luke Chapman won by 183 votes and Leya Reid was elected unopposed.  

The Stand Up ticket will hold the role of Treasurer after Lachlan Barker was elected by a margin of 11 votes. Barker’s success mirrors the results of the 2013 & 2014 election where the majority-holding ticket was not successful in controlling the role of treasurer.

Check back here later for further results.


As of Sunday, 3pm.  screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-3-05-20-pm



(SVA) Oliver Monsourat 341
(Co) Beatrice Tan 1222
(SU) Heba Niem 882
Informal 295

Two Party preferred

(Co) Beatrice Tan 1222
(SU) Heba Niem 882

Beatrice Tan of Connect has been elected as UTSSA President for 2017.


(SVA) Anna Rushmer 395
(Co) Luke Chapman 991
(SU) Angela Omari 820

Two Party preferred

(Co) Luke Chapman 1029
(SU) Angela Omari 846

Luke Chapman of Connect has been elected as UTSSA Secretary for 2017.


(SVA) James Wilson 441
(Co) Edward Strong 931
(SU) Lachlan Barker 952

Two Party Preferred

(Co) Edward Strong 975
(SU) Lachlan Barker 986

Lachlan Baker of Stand Up has been elected as UTSSA Treasurer for 2017.

Postgraduate Officer

(Co) Adrian Rook 192
(SU) Mitchell Wnek 136
Informal 65

Adrian Rook of Connect likely to win.

Women’s Officer

(Co) Leya Reid, Elected Unopposed

Australian Indigenous Officer

(SU) Tjarani Barton-Vaofanua, Elected Unopposed

International Students Officer

(SU) Indraneil Banerjee 312
(Co) Manon Nougaret 188
Unsure 67

Indraneil Banerjee of Stand Up likely to win

Broadway Convenor

(Co) Charles Kekovich 472
(SU) David Grover 779
(SVA) James Wilson 301

David Grover of Stand Up has been officially elected as Broadway Campus Convenor

Broadway Secretary

(SVA) Oliver Morassut 440
(Co) Mohamed Rumman 514
(SU) Josh Townsend-Long 611

Two Party Preferred
(Co) Mohamed Rumman 550
(SU) Josh Townsend-Long 637

Josh Townsend-Long of Stand Up has been officially elected as Broadway Campus Secretary.

Broadway Women’s Officer

(Co) Hannah Monaghan 365
(SU) Kahlia Kim-Sheppard 317

Informal 206

Hannah Monaghan of Connect will most likely be elected as Broadway Women’s Officer

Markets Convenor

(Co) Christine Knezevich 320
(SU) India Bennett 375

Informal 108

India Bennett of Stand Up has been officially elected as Markets Convenor

Markets Secretary

(Co) Sebastian Grant-Preece
(SU) Margaret Cai

Count Unknown

Markets Women’s officer

(SU) Alice Zhang 289
(Co) Norma Cooper 83

Alice Zhang of Stand Up is likely to win

Student Representative Council Count

Count unknown, 10 to elect

Above the Line Votes Only:
Connect: 708
Stand Up: 908
Spark for Vertigo Again: 165
End Trimesters Now: 272
Harambe: 113
Fossilize: 22

Total Above the Line Votes: 2,188

Students elected to the SRC (in order of election)
1. (SU) Heba Niem

National Union of Students Representatives Count

Count unknown, 7 to elect

Vertigo Predicts that of the 7 representatives, there will be 2 from Connect, 4 from Stand Up and 1 from Spark for Vertigo Again

Broadway Campus Committee Count

Count unknown, 10 to elect

Markets Campus Committee Count

Vertigo predicts that of the 10 positions available, 4 will go to Connect and 6 to Stand Up.

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