batyr’s 10 Tips for a Positive, Productive StuVac

batyr UTS

The last 6 weeks may have zoomed by at the speed of light, but luckily StuVac is here, offering you some much needed time to take stock, rest, relax and get started on assignments due next week/tomorrow/three weeks ago. So sit back, and let the team at batyr UTS fill you in on some easy steps you can use to take charge of your mental health and make the most of your study “vacation”.

1. Rise and Shine! Breakfast is so worth waking up for. It’s not only the most important meal of the day, but also the most delicious (in our opinion). You’ll kick-start your brain into gear and prepare yourself for the day ahead. So get cooking, even if it’s just some Vegemite toast.

2. Hit Refresh. A clear working space can help lead to a clearer mind. File that stack of paper, tidy up your desk, and freshen up your view with some greenery (picked on your walk, see number 3).

3. Stop and Smell the Roses. Literally. Get outside and take a walk. Whether you’re an Olympic power walker or just a casual stroller, walking is such a simple way to clear your thoughts and recharge.

4. Phone a Friend. Okay, so. You may be starting to feel like your closest relationship is with your textbook, so take some time to check in with family and friends — share how you’re going. Not only will this help you gain fresh perspective, but you’ll also be able to keep track of how your friends are managing. Share the love! (And the stress.)

5. 1 Minute Life Hacks. When you find a spare minute, take it upon yourself to complete a small task — be it clearing your bedroom, booking a long-overdue appointment, or responding to a quick email. Ticking these seemingly insignificant items off your ‘To-Do’ list will make for a lot less stress later.

6. Get Some Zen. Burning incense or a scented candle is a perfect way to de-stress, while still at your desk working. Light one up just before bed to calm the mind — maybe even make yourself a warm cup of tea, too.

7. Me O’Clock. It’s time to (mentally) kick back and put your feet up. Use stu-vac as a chance to take a break and do something you love. Finish that book you started in summer, play video games with a mate, pamper yourself, watch your favourite TV show, or have a boogie! (We recommend Soul of Sydney’s day events: think funk and disco music, friendly faces, and good vibes.)

8. LOL. There’s no better way to prepare for an exam than laughing at how well you’ll do, right? Well, what better way to have a giggle than with a bunch of friends! Sydney Comedy Festival is on until the 21st May, find out more at:

9. Bouncing Off the Walls? If all this study has got you feeling cooped up, jump around at one of Sydney’s trampoline parks — not only is it a load of fun, but you’re also giving your body some much-needed TLC by working up a sweat. Us students can jump around for one hour at Sky Zone for only $10!

10. Just Around the Riverbend. StuVac is often pretty stressful, but if you’ve been feeling more overwhelmed than usual, there are plenty of services available to help you out. In Building 1 you can find UTS Counselling (Level 6) and HELPS (Level 5). Don’t forget your local GP is also there to help you create a mental health care plan, to get back on track.

batyr is a not-for-profit mental health organisation on campus. Comprised of a team of student executives, batyr works to break down the stigma surrounding mental health, and help students engage in positive conversations about mental wellbeing.

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