Sounds like: A rougher take on the ambience and dark dexterity of vintage Coldplay coated with vocals reminiscent of Placebo’s Brian Molko.

With Dream of Reason, The Cairos have provided a debut album that brings welcome variety without falling into the pits of disconnection. The album plays with an assortment of emotions and styles, due to the fact that each of the four band members are contributors to the song-writing process. In turn, the album becomes an eclectic exploration of musicality within the genres of rock, indie and pop.

Album-opener ‘Obsession’ kicks in with a heavy focus on the relationship between rhythm and lyrics. The beginning verses are so full and melodically memorable that they hook you in straightaway. However, this effect enables the verses to have a greater impact than the actual chorus – disabling any possibility of a climax. Another memorable track, ‘Two Weeks of Eternity’, focuses on a heavier feel as elements of rock are explored. This is the only track that highlights the heavier rock feel without sounding too lacklustre as the fluctuating moods in the song create a surprising change.

The latest single ‘Desire’ is a definite hit that plays with lighter, indie-influenced ambient sounds. Meanwhile, ‘Insane’ and ‘Perspectives’ bring yet another layer to the album as they explore the pop-ballad style by placing the vocalist in a raw environment complete with a stripped-back accompaniment.

Overall, Dream of Reason manages to successfully connect to the listener with its exploration of memorable melodies and universal tales of emotion, which takes the listener on a journey they’d want to travel again. Though some songs are slightly repetitive, there are some shining gems within this debut that are definitely worth a listen.