Together Alone

Mark Villar

Cover image: Ella Barrowclough | @ellabarrowclough



The moment, the feeling, the uncontrollable

Clear emotions yet nothing certain

Waiting for the inevitable surrender

The excitement, the undefinable


The masses have come to show their support

And still the undeniable suspicion

Hangs like a shadow

Memories remain, hostility awaits


Here alone with all these people

With one distinct similarity

But somehow overwhelmingly different

A nexus already broken


Yearning for acceptance or

Challenging the ambivalence of gender?

I hold the banner with strength and courage

Qualities I never knew I had


And despite the fear shooting through my body

I begin to overcome all constraints

Physical spiritual individual


Our bodies slowly merge into one

But relying on each other’s differences

To hold the body together


The moment, the feeling, the uncontrollable

Mixed emotions but everything definite

Love and acceptance prevail, gender irrelevant

The body together alone