Multiverse of the Heart

Evlin DuBose

Artwork: Atsaya Gabiryalpillai | @_atsaya_


In an ideal world, it’s night.

The sky’s blue, and jeweled with stars.

We sit beneath the gold porch light, 

moths dancing like embers. 

I ask. 

And you—

you look up at me, 

tug the thread between

our hearts, and say,

“I do.”


In another world, it’s day.

Sky swept clear by wind, and the sun 

feels warm on icy skin. Alone

on a bank, and across the river

I see you looking back, 

holding our heart-thread

and scissors.


But in this world, we’re between,

this fevered magic hour

when we cradle our hearts

and sew them together

with nothing 

but thread and the thrill 

this might last