For My Protection

Evlin DuBose

Cover image: Inez Marcia | @inzmiaa



Lately I’ve been feeling just a little bit witchy, 

lighting candles by my window at night.

Catch a flame, cast a shadow, and enchantedly whisper

incantations to the flickering light.


“Be thou banished,” I declare, “from the halls of my heart. 

Thou art unwelcome in the home of my soul. 

Be afeard, trembling demon, of the wrath of your master, 

of a mind no longer thine to control.”


Then she looms within the glass—gray wendigo in the dark—

grinning rotten with her awful maw of black. 

“You are nothing,” says my demon, “nothing to me at all, 

and if banished, I’ll come clambering back.”


Yes it’s true, lonely demon, haunting shadow in my veins,

you will rise till I despise my lonely self. 

But it’s witches who holdfast—all good witches simply smile,

turn the truth into protection with a spell.


“I’m not nothing,” I declare, “I am a warrior of light.

My wounded heart still has a spark for all to see.

And while I’ll never, in my lifetime, ever truly be perfect—

I will always, in my lifetime, be me.”