Dear Mirror

Nickin Alexander

Artwork: Thy Mai |


Mirrors tell two tales

What we see

And what we want

A reflection of sadness

A reflective front 


I look into the mirror to understand me

To try and find

The small and large

To try and find what makes me, me


But all I see

Is the need to be more

To be what others

Want me to desperately be


To be bigger 

To be stronger

To be broader

And taller?


To be satisfying

To be norm defying

all the while objectifying

More for them

And less for me


But the more I look

The more vain I become

The more hateful I am

Of how much I’ve succumbed


And little by little

I see the problems of the world

Not just outside

But in that mirror on the wall


Brown may turn to black

And hair may grow down

A cut and a scrape

An allergy that makes me look a clown


A curve and a striation

A scar that might bring sensation

Everything that can be seen

And all that is in between,


Because a Greek god I am not.

But I am saddened to see

That this mirror has taken and trapped 

What, evidently, should be free