Jennifer Worgan takes on the incredibly gruelling task of having breakfast at the Hilton hotel’s restaurant, ‘Glass’.

As a serious investigative reporter, I pride myself in being able to bring you the best scoop. Today, that scoop is a spoonful of scrambled eggs. I’m bringing you the news that you can get a buffet breakfast at the Hilton, valued at $44, for $21, provided that you are not an identity thief and can show your student card.

This was the first time I had been to the Hilton, and I was excited at the (admittedly remote) prospect of meeting Paris (of Hilton fame). Breakfast is held in the Glass restaurant, on level 2. Paris wasn’t there, but there were a large number of very friendly waiters, so my rage subsided.

The food itself was extensive. It is truly joyful to look as a counter of breakfast foods stretches into the distance and know that it is all rightfully yours. It is also incredibly easy to eat more than $21 worth of food in one sitting, and on that front I am glad to tell my avid readers that I was truly a sight to behold.

My mistake was underestimating the extent of the buffet. This is not a breakfast for beginners, because the Hilton is not a hotel for beginners. This is a breakfast for high-flying businesspeople who are good at making complex decisions involving international investment. When approaching the buffet, take some time to devise a strategy for optimal plating. Otherwise, your watermelon is in danger of mingling with your mushrooms, which is what happened to me. Buffets are a thrilling experience, and you need to be careful not to get overexcited.

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There is a wide selection of breakfast food, including (but not limited to) eggs cooked various ways, bacon, porridge, fruit, and pastry. You can also ask the chefs for certain foods, like omelettes, to be cooked on demand. Much like the secret menu at McDonald’s, these aren’t immediately visible but the chefs will make them for you if you ask.

The highlight of my meal was the breakfast specialty dish which is a poached egg on top of smoked salmon on top of guacamole on top of corn fritters, with some sort of salsa verde action also happening. I enjoyed getting amongst this meal, and I was so happy with it that I almost regretted the two full breakfasts’ worth of food I had eaten before starting it.

I would recommend this deal to anyone who is a fan of breakfast foods. This is, in my professional opinion, a worthwhile meal for anyone who likes to eat large amounts of food in the morning.