Nobody’s perfect, least of all comedian Josh Thomas whose new standup show Douchebag pokes fun at the less considerate side of us all, writes Gemma Piali.


There always seems to be one person who enjoys oversharing painfully personal experiences in excruciating detail while you are forced to listen.

Australian comedian Josh Thomas takes the awkward dinner table experience but adds a whole lot of laugh-out-loud moments in his new stand-up show, Douchebag.

Based on his personal experiences, Douchebag is all about the ups and downs and ins and outs of a guy sorting out his life, and trying not to be a douchebag.

“I don’t know a lot about that much stuff so I talk about my own life because I am a real expert on that,” says Thomas.

Expect a brutally honest show with tons of laughter, occasional swearing and definitely no shouting. If there’s one thing Josh Thomas dislikes in comedy, it’s shouting comedians.

“I don’t like it when comedians shout at me. I go onstage and chat for a while and walk off stage.”

In his latest show, 26-year-old, Thomas ponders the concept of ‘the douchebag’, providing a pretty simple definition of the term.

“A lot of people use [douchebag] to describe people who wear their collars up or drive WRXs. But I just use it to describe mean people.”

In Douchebag, Thomas jokes about the horror of growing up, and about his attempts to be a better person. Do not fear; the seemingly sweet-natured comedian won’t be making any horrific douchebag confessions, but you’re promised a very truthful performance.

“I have done a lot of mean things by accident, but never that bad. I don’t have a dungeon under my house.”

“Maybe I will pretend to be more interested in somebody’s conversation so that I can have sex with them, or I will hang out with someone longer so we can keep having sex. But nothing too monstrous.”

After all, Thomas poses in advertisements with his charmingly cute cavoodle John. Someone who loves adorable dogs is surely a good human being, right?

John is the perfect advertisement for the show and as Thomas modestly claims, “distracts people from my face.” Just scroll through his official Facebook page and you’ll find photographs of the adventures of John – John in a microwave, John in a dinosaur suit and John as a puppy.

Unfortunately, the curly haired cavoodle won’t be travelling to Sydney for Thomas’ show.

“John used to [tour] but he doesn’t anymore because I didn’t realise how much he hated travelling. Since then, he has learnt what airports are. Every time we go to the airport he starts crying and crying, so I stopped bringing him.”

The cavoodle has become a television star after appearing in Thomas’ television series Please Like Me. Last year, Thomas took a break from stand-up comedy to try his luck in television.

Please Like Me depicts the experiences of a homosexual 21-year-old with a cavoodle, as he deals with love, family, life and everything in between.

The cameras followed Thomas from ABC to Channel 7’s Celebrity Splash and LifeStyle Channel’s Celebrity Come Dine With Me.

After a whole lot of time on the small screen, Thomas is embracing his return to the stage in Douchebag.

“It is refreshing to just stand up now because I get to do what I want.”


Josh Thomas is performing Douchebag at the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, from June 28 – July 14. Book at