New Year New Me

Lily Cameron


Pop the champagne, practice your Auld Lang Syne lyrics, and kiss a stranger, because 2019 is here baby!!! As the clock strikes midnight and after you’re finished throwing up in the bathroom start reaffirming your commitments the easy way.  

Here are the best movies to watch while nursing a hangover to get you in the mood to make and keep your resolutions.


Manifesting Money

Ocean’s 8

Heists, A-list parties, making lifelong friends…this is going to be your year. If you’re keen to start saving in 2019 don’t bother with budgets, progress accounts, or long term goals, just grab a couple of pals and scope out a $150 million necklace to apprehend, it’s less painful and time consuming.

Notable mention: Rihanna in that red dress. If you know, you know.


Health & Wellbeing

Catch Me If You Can

Sure, you could take up running, go gluten free, and do daily face masks while drinking green smoothies, but there is an easier solution. If Leo can fake his entire identity with a couple of wily stories about mice in buckets of cream, you can change your name and catch a flight to avoid going bouldering with your exercise-obsessed friends. 

Notable mention: ‘Do you concur???’


Conflict Resolution

The Godfather

Empathy? Active listening? Win-win solutions? Leave them all behind in the new year, you’ve got something better in mind. Follow the Corleones’ example and get creative and direct while settling your disputes. Just make sure to wear gloves, you don’t want to leave behind any admissible evidence.

Notable mention: all the times they talk about cannoli.


Finding Love

Gone Girl

If it’s romance you’re seeking in 2019, look no further than Amy Dunne’s example: she knows her worth, is driven and goal-oriented, and tireless in her pursuit of l’amour. As important as finding that special someone might be, this year should be focused on self-love, even if that means you’ve got to fake your own death in order to get it.

Notable mention: Cool Girl Monologue. Two minutes and 21 seconds of pure gold.


Cover image: Ady Neshoda | @adyneshoda