By Ante Bruning

Ante Bruning (Casual Culture Editor and full time doughnut connoisseur) and Jessica Wang (Casual Online Editor and full time lactose intolerance denier) give you the low down, after they loaded down at the Grumpy Donuts Special Preview.

Well, this Sheriff we speak of is not so new, as it turns out…

Small business owners, Camperdown locals (woo!), couple (n’aww…), and, most importantly, fellow doughnut lovers, Scott Clark and Elise Honeybrook have been operating for some time now. And theirs is an entrepreneur inspiration (and success) story indeed: what started as an online, Friday-only delivery service (while both maintaining full time work *salutes*) has led to the opening of their Grumpy Donuts store, this Saturday 24 October 2016.

When the kind folks at Super Duper invited Vertigo to the Grumpy Donuts VIP Opening Party, we said to ourselves, “doughnut miss this!” (no more cheesy doughnut puns, we swear). Hosted by Camperdown’s Wayward Brewing Co., we entered the venue and were greeted by the friendly stuff and a middy of a Grumpy Donuts flavoured beer. Now, we don’t really consider ourselves beer drinkers, but with flavours like Chocolate Cookie Crumble and Pink Lemonade Glaze, we’d’ve been foolish to have not gotten our, er… beer goggles on, as it were. And goodness, was it worth it. The former flavour had deliciously powerful chocolate notes and an unexpected-of-doughnuts-but-not-craft-beer hops aftertaste, but the real winner was the latter flavour – cider-like, it had a surprising fizz, a pleasant sourness, glorious flavours of raspberry, blueberry and pomegranate, with a crisp finish that tasted very, very much like doughnuts (what is this alchemy??)

Obviously, after these delicious beers we were left salivating and wanting more. And Wayward Brewing Co. delivered, with possibly the most delish quinoa salad we’ve ever tasted and a handsome-looking and heavenly-smelling pulled pork burger.

And then, the big moment.

The staff entered – with trays upon trays of scrumptious, glorious doughnuts. Seriously, they just kept coming and coming, it was the most incredible thing we’ve ever seen.

We scored three (wow), and… wow. The Buttered Toast flavour had a brown butter frosting with a sweet crumb of toasted brioche; its texture caused us out-of-body experiences. The S’mores delivered a dark chocolate glaze with biscuit crumbs and torched marshmallow fluff; the chocolate button stuffed in the doughnut hole melted into the marshmallow in a way that made us want to shed tears of joy. Finally, the third doughnut was coffee and almond flavoured; a real-tasting coffee hit and almond slivers with a delightful crunch. And each was cooked to perfection, their dough soft and melt-in-your-mouth.

To quote Grumpy Donuts co-owner, Elise Honeybrook: “There’s something about the experience of going into a doughnut shop and seeing them all in front of you, and your eyes practically turning into doughnuts.”
And boy oh boy – we can’t wait to have this experience at their store opening this Saturday.

One thing’s for sure – our beloved Doughnut Time had best hold onto their Sheriff badge, ‘cause there’s a new (but not really) Sheriff in town!

Vertigo congratulates Grumpy Donuts on their store opening this Saturday. Thanks for the memories.

Grumpy Donuts opens this Saturday at 9 am, 24 September. You can find them at 72 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Camperdown. 

Check ’em out!


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Facebook: @grumpydonuts

Also check out Wayward Brewing Co. – they were gracious hosts and their venue (and brew) is just lovely. 

With special thanks to Super Duper.

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Image by Alana Dimou via Broadsheet Sydney