by Huyen Hac Tran

The release of Matt Corby’s long-awaited album ‘Telluric’ early March this year made the three-year hiatus fans had endured worth it. It was the beginning of a new era for the singer, from icky Australian Idol fame to a carefully crafted-on-mosaic indie folk album, with each track as important as the next in this celestial line up.

His show last night at the Enmore Theatre was a rescheduled event from the 12th of April after the singer had fallen ill in the midst of his tour. He’s recovered well, his vocals resonant and effortlessly captivated the audience the entire night.

Gracing the stage in a casual pair of dark grey slacks and a matching sweater, the first few distorted bars of ‘Belly Side Up’ crescendos through a cheering audience as Corby stands centre stage, slipping on his guitar.

A dark and moody number, the first song was a strong opener, letting fans relieve the precious moments of their time first listening to the new album. Next, Corby sung ‘Knife Edge’, the harmonies creating a slow progression to a booming chorus wherein the entire audience swayed and sung along –the mutual sense of pure pleasure making it difficult not to join in.

Keeping the mood up from then on, Corby then performed a slow acoustic version of ‘Do You No Harm’, the pure talent embedded in his voice shining through. All the while, a brocade of soft blue and white clouds framed the stage – the background gilded in oranges, blues and purples, similar to the album cover, with tree vines slipping in and out as he crooned to each track.

Corby then sung his 2013 hit ‘Resolution’. Against the backdrop of his new album, the song stood out like an oldie, but a classic. A soft, sweeter song – it was the best kind of nostalgia one could experience.



He then followed with three big numbers from his album: ‘Wrong Man’, ‘Monday’ and ‘Sooth Lady Wine’. Effortlessly streaming between each, Corby then ended the night with two tracks from his first EP ‘Into the Flame’, and ‘Brother’, followed by rock song ‘Souls A’Fire’. It was like travelling back in time and seeing that first glimpse in the rising singer.

As he left the stage, a slow rumbling began as the chant of the word encore filled the theatre. Corby and his band returned soon after to deliver an encore like no other with 3 tracks. The first two songs were tracks from the album, ‘Why Dream’ and ‘Empires Attraction’, before ending on a gracious and simple cover of Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’. Paired with nothing but the piano, Corby’s clear crisp voice slipped between highs and lows, showing the diversity of his voice, while the piano played a simple accompanying melody.

As he stood, eyes closed, hands clasped together in front of him – the entire theatre stood still – and as his last note came to a standstill, the roaring cheers and claps continued long after Corby left the stage.


Set List

  • Belly Side Up
  • Knife Edge
  • Do You No Harm
  • Resolution
  • Wrong Man
  • Monday
  • Sooth Lady Wine
  • Trick Of the Light
  • Oh Oh Oh
  • Brothers
  • Souls A’Fire
  • Why Dream
  • Empires Attaction
  • A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke’s Cover)