Little Bastard – Little Bastard (Self-titled) 2014


Sounds like: The warm folk tones of Mumford and Sons combined with the straightforward and love-lost lyrics of Blink 182 ballads.

Following the recent burst of the folk genre in mainstream music, up and coming Sydney band Little Bastard aim to stick to their rustic roots, evident in their self-titled debut album. With an amalgam of husky vocals, acoustic guitar, tinkling banjo and harmonica solos, the album delivers the country part of the bargain.

The starter track ‘High for You’ has a great hook and a fast-paced beat that conforms to the need to have a mainstream successful song. ‘I Just Want You Home’ plays with the staple country elements and does so in a fun and exciting way by mixing harmonica melodies and strong accented beats. It’s tough, punchy and loveable.

The fifth track ‘Desert Roller’ changes the mood as the playful interaction between the twangy guitar and smooth violin ultimately create something authentic. It is a real stand-out track, because it strives away from contemporary folk stereotypes and moves towards more of an old-school feel reminiscent of America’s ‘A Horse with No Name’.

However, the rest of the album doesn’t bring anything fresh. Towards the end of the album, the lyrical forms and styles do not seem as inventive and become clichéd. Consequently, it is difficult to form an attachment to the stories or the melodies explored in the songs.

Overall, the album successfully caters to its genre of country-folk but it needs something more. If you’re looking for an album with a rougher folk style – one without the vulnerable jibber jabber of Mumford and Sons – or just some good ol’ folk then this is a definite pick.

Rating: 2/5