There Ain’t No Party Like a KPOP Party

By Sarah Asquith

When Jackie Chan’s JJCC and Starship Entertainment’s Boyfriend flew down to join the Lunar New Year celebration in Sydney, hundreds of fan-girls and -boys stopped, dropped, and rolled (or possibly bounced… thanks, Boyfriend!) to see their favourite idols. Hosted by SBS PopAsia’s Andy Trieu and Jamaica Delacruz, the boys delighted us with their liveliness, cuteness (perhaps not Boyfriend’s Minwoo, who insisted, cutely: “I’m not cute concept”), sexiness (Minwoo: “I’m sexy”), and all-round entertaining antics.

JJCC were first to grace the stage, opening with their hit ‘Fire’ and including ‘BingBingBing (Oneway)’, ‘Where You At’, and ‘Insomnia’. Fans were eager to welcome home fellow Aussie member, Prince Mak, who, at one stage in the night, shared a mince pie from “the servo” with the other members.

Boyfriend then took over, performing crowd-pleasers ‘Witch’, ‘I Yah’, and, of course, ‘Bounce’. They had every fan giggling at their attempts at drawing koalas, between songs. Perhaps maybe they should stick to the singing and dancing…

Having said that, both groups’ performances were full of energy and a delight to experience: their perfectly synchronised choreography and impressive range of vocals would have mesmerised the crowd if it weren’t for us jumping and dancing along. Members were also keen to interact with fans: they constantly waved and posed for cameras, took phones for selfies, and appeared in the crowd halfway through songs. (I even got a high five from JJCC’s!) It’s no wonder that K-Pop has captured the hearts, and arguably the souls, of hundreds of Australian fans.