By Helen Tran
Kilo Kish’s new record– good for a listening session which includes a bottle of white, a sunny day, and zero pants.

Kilo Kish’s newly released second album ‘Reflections in Real Time’ is exactly what it sounds like – a cathartic laugh and mockery at the debacle of life in the 21st century. Singing about human emotion, destiny, the idea of self, and various other fragments of life, Kilo’s smoky yet light voice will have a smile creeping up on your face before you can say, “This is a spectacular album.”

There are no fillers on this one, with R&B to classical to electronic to jazz elements sprinkled throughout its entirety. Each song is like a new facet of Kilo’s life, picking at and playing off different genres while at the same time retaining that sublime dulcet nature heard in her first album.

The lyrics are honest, playing through like a frenzied train of thought. There’s no attempt to sugarcoat or make prose here – Kilo keeps it cool, crazed, and confused all at the same time: “I shall stand crippled, sipping wine amongst the faces with friend replacements, wondering how to shake it” (‘Collected Views From Dinner’).

The funkiest of the fresh songs from this album include ‘Hello, Lakisha’, ‘Distractions l: The Opposite Sex’, and ‘Existential Crisis Hour!’ Recommendations for a listening session include a bottle of white, a sunny day and zero pants.