Writing Competitions: June

Eugenia Alabasinis

Whether you’re an aspiring author who dreams of having their best-seller one day hitting the shelves, or simply a self-confessed word-nerd who daydreams through lectures thinking about fictional characters, these writing opportunities are a great place to put that creativity into action.

The Big Issue – Fiction Edition

The Big Issue is on the lookout for writing for its yearly fiction edition. People from any age and writing from any genre is accepted. All authors that are published receive $500, and entries will be accepted via post only.

Closing date: 5th June 2017

Writing Style: Previously unpublished stories between 300 and 3000 words.

More information: http://www.thebigissue.org.au/blog/2017/03/09/fiction-submissions-open/

Overland Fiction Edition – Our Hour

For this online fiction edition, Overland is after essays, fiction or poetry – with stories ‘about identity, perception, perspective and reality’. Contributors of tories that are published online will receive $150.

Closing date: 11th June 2017

Writing Style: Flash fiction to longer stories – maximum length is 4000 words.

More information: https://overland.org.au/2017/05/looking-for-fiction-for-a-special-winter-issue/

Voiceworks Issue #109 – Sprawl

Voiceworks is looking for new fiction from Australian writers under the age of 25 to be featured in their latest issue.

The Blurb:

sp         spr                    spr                    spra                  spraw                sprawl   sprawllllllllllllllllllll

Welcome to the process of suburbanisation. Join the tour of Outer (Sub)Urban Car-mmunities. When the centre is no longer the centre, watch the rise of multiple, alternate centres: the geographic centre, the second centre, the CBD, the heartland. Leapfrog development—you’ve jumped over this landlock/you’re locked out of that land. The horizon’s been chased and followed and eaten up, pushed to the sidelines, pulled back and shot off into the distance. All you can do is watch on as you move your heart outwards, mismatch your socks, dream of a tube that sprints underneath you. All limbs are akimbo, spreadeagled to catch your fall. Feel the ground push up against every part of your body, the earth pulsing, pulse quickening, fingertips that stretch apart like a boat pushed away from its dock. The reef is dying, its whiteness widening, and soon there’s only rubble seen from space. On public transport they save room for cats, knees spread apart and open backpacks spilling contents across the aisle. The afternoon plods on, minutes refusing to pass.

Closing date: 11th June 2017

Writing Style: Previously unpublished fiction, no more than two stories, each <3000 words. No more than three poems can be submitted per issue, each <100 lines.

Rate of pay: $100 for work that gets published

More information: http://www.voiceworksmag.com.au/contribute/

Griffith Review Novella Project

In its fifth year, this competition accepts novellas, memoirs, biographies and creative nonfiction. The theme is ‘Storied Lives: Making a Difference’, looking at the ‘essence of a person, real or imagined, whose life had an enduring impact’. The winning entries received a share in the $25 000 prize pool and will also be published in the Griffith Review 59: The Novella Project V in October this year. Winners will be notified by 31st July. The entry fee is $60 for non-scribers to the magazine, and $30 for subscribers.

Closing date: 12th June 2017

Writing Style: Completed pieces 10 000 – 25 000 words         .

More information: https://griffithreview.submittable.com/submit/77516/griffith-review-58-storied-lives-the-novella-project-v


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