Songs That Feel Like Summer | Ma Belle Music

Lily Cameron & Ally Moulis


Ma Belle Music is a Sydney musician and UTS student. Her dreamy Voice Memos // Love Songs are best enjoyed among those you love the most, preferably as the sun is hanging low in the sky on a slow and easy day. Listen below to her playlist full of songs that feel like summer.


This is a playlist for sticky skin touching: hands lingering, thighs pressing tight together, back-of-chair vinyl slick with sweat. Listen and feel jacaranda rotting underfoot, gardenia heady in the air while beer gets warmer, the days getting longer and longer. Strain your voice to speak over this playlist, laughter billowing up and out. We know every word, the melody deep in our bones, the beat pounding in time with our chest. The heat is heavy, a summertime haze.



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Cover image: Marissa Vafakos