Naomi Russo spoke to Vance Joy about life, love and his latest EP. [hr]Vance Joy is a “sunnyside up kinda guy.” But don’t let that fool you. His upbeat tunes are often accompanied by some pretty darn sad lyrics.

Triple J fave ‘Riptide’ is touching, nostalgic, but never whingey, much like the rest of his EP God Loves You When You’re Dancing.

You haven’t heard of him? Well, you’re about to. He’s set to play at Splendour in the Grass this July and support Bernard Fanning on his Departures Tour, reaching right round Australia. Where was he before all of this? Just undertaking the “usual amount of toil…playing songs with some friends straight out of high school. Those two years were pretty uneventful music wise. We wrote a couple of good tunes.” But since then Joy has really put his head down and “allowed song-writing to be a major part of life.”

And it has paid off. He’s scored a five-year deal with US Atlantic Records and his debut EP has hits such as ‘Riptide’, and ‘From Afar’ – revealing images of less than perfect relationships. Though the storylines aren’t always autobiographical, Joy is the first to admit that songs will “always become personal at some point.”

“Even if you are telling someone else’s story or making up a character it is you interpreting the story and injecting the colour into it.”

“You can go through this process where one minute you are satisfied and the next really depressed because the song isn’t working. It is a frustrating thing at times. Maybe all that frustration leads to something good.”

Lovers of his EP would have to agree that is has, and though Joy has only released six songs for the moment he hopes “that more good songs come and that the live show gets really strong.”

“I would like to have an album ready to go this time next year. That would be nice.”

If you managed to score tickets you can catch Vance Joy at Splendour in the Grass. Otherwise check out his tunes on Spotify, or head to his Facebook page.