UTS Revue – A 5-Star Netflix Original

Olivia Garcia


UTS’ second revue of the year opened its curtains on August 7th, and in classic Revue fashion, it certainly hasn’t failed to delight. When I was asked to watch the show’s rehearsal, I couldn’t say yes fast enough, and went in with high hopes. Even though I had an idea of what to expect, the performance still found a way to exceed my expectations, and it became clear within the first few performances that Revue: A Netflix Original would be a hit.

The show sees an array of sketches come together to form a comedic production that will certainly appeal to a variety of audiences. Songs, dance numbers, and skits are sure to leave viewers laughing long after the show is over. A few days have passed since I watched the rehearsal and every so often, I find myself smiling at random times as I remember the performances, enacted by an amazingly talented cast and hard-working crew.

It’s hard to avoid talking about all the acts and what made them great, as there’s just so much to say.

A shopper dumbfounded in the face of Aldi’s off-brand products, and a documentary-style take on manspreading that blows David Attenborough’s entire filmography out of the water will have the audience in stitches. If that fails to appeal to some viewers, then the painful extent of truth or dare at a sleepover, a PE lesson with a guest appearance (that still manages to be more informative than the school curriculum), and the events that unfold when Disney takes their live action movies too far, are sure to leave audience members in an uproar of laughter.

Another aspect of the performance that truly brings acts to life is their relevance. Following the steps of its predecessors, Revue does not shy away from social commentary, using some performances to critique modern issues, while keeping to its theme by maintaining a light-hearted and comedic approach. Cat-calling gets a taste of its own medicine as it is called out in an energetic choreographed musical number, and climate change is addressed as we are given a glimpse into a dystopic future through the lens of a children’s show, where everyone who’s not underwater has a go at tin can arts and crafts.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by this point, Revue is not to be missed. The show flows seamlessly, the team is fantastic, and the performances are definitely Netflix worthy. So, if you haven’t already, get your tickets and get ready, this Revue will be a hit!