UTS Queer Revue — A Must See!

Olivia Garcia


Queer Revue event description and tickets can be found here.


UTS’ first ever Queer Revue is set to hit the stage on April 11th, and from what I was lucky enough to see during the show’s rehearsal, it’s two hours jam-packed of enjoyment and laughter (the kind that makes you cover your mouth immediately after as you think to yourself, ‘did I really just make that sound?’) When I was asked to review the show, I was excited to get a sneak peak, and although I knew I would be impressed by what I saw, I was completely blown away by a spectacular mix of talent, hilarity, and brilliance that left me laughing to myself for the rest of the day.


Within the first few acts, it becomes clear that Queer Revue has something for everyone; a variety of sketch comedies, parodies and satiric performances combine to make a show that flows seamlessly, fits into its theme and keeps audiences entertained the whole way through. The show does a fantastic job of reminding viewers why diversity is so important. Several acts draw on subjects pertaining to stereotypes surrounding the queer community (while remaining comedic), subtly reminding viewers to acknowledge there is no place for discrimination—on or off a stage setting.


As I write this review, skimming through my notes for memorable moments, it’s hard to resist the urge to write about every act, as there’s so much to say about the talent of the cast and team that put so much effort into making all aspects of Queer Revue—from musical numbers to transitional sketches between performances—such a hit.


A satirical take on music festivals sees a discussion between festival-goers and obnoxious police officers in the first act, followed by the recurring middle-aged mum who can’t survive without her coffee, and the reality of what it means when you say that you were born in the wrong generation. Think it can’t get better? Well, think again, because if that doesn’t suit your tastes, then the ever jazzy ‘dudes in tubes’, New Balance-loving Dad Girlfriend and the side-splitting take on a Harry Potter professor teaching in a public school (which I won’t talk too about too much, lest JK Rowling tweet about it) will definitely appeal to even the driest sense of humour.


As the rehearsal entered its final stage—ending with a perfectly choreographed musical parody—I found myself even more excited to watch the finished product when it opens its curtains to the public. So, what are you waiting for? Tell a friend, buy a ticket and get excited—Queer Revue is not to be missed!