Next Projects presents ASSEMBLY

Sharen Samson


It can be difficult finding unity across a campus as scattered as our own, and harder still to inspire creativity.


In a hunt for greater community engagement and big picture thinking, Next Projects kick off their monthly exhibition series to showcase experimental visual art and photography at the Loft.


Curated by Ben Robinson, Bella Berta, and Kristina Savic, Next Projects is a space for emerging artists to connect and communicate.


With a focus on contemporary art, the team aims to ignite the inventive flame and fan it into wildfire. The first exhibition titled Assembly brings UTS Photography graduates back on campus to display their work and provide a glimpse of creative direction outside the institution.


An opportunity for artists to thrive, Next Projects aims to propel creatives and soothe the logistical challenges of the exhibition process.


“As artists ourselves, we understand the importance of a debut exhibition and how formative it can be to the creative process moving forward,” Bella Berta told Vertigo.

Next Projects provides opportunity for emerging artists to be recognised with openings each month, beginning with a graduate showcase.

“We are hoping to exhibit mediums such as short film/video works, sculpture, fashion and architecture design. We are an equal opportunity space aiming to offer equal opportunity to all members of our community.”


The first exhibition, Assembly, will take place on Monday 19th August from 6pm until late with drink specials and an accompanying publication.

The space will be open to the public in accordance with the Loft’s opening hours.

Next Projects’ Assembly exhibition features UTS alumni Cat Wratten, Jack Harman, Jack Temple, Katherine Rooke, Kev Diallo, Tayla Jay and Zoe Wong.