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Every year around this time, I will inevitably see Power Rangers walking along the platforms of Lidcombe Station. This time, this year, I was one of those people who packed the platform for the train to Olympic Park Station – minus the Power Ranger get-up.

If you haven’t already read this excellent summary of the Supanova experience, then I can’t recommend it highly enough – because if there’s anything we learnt, it’s that you come to Supanova to line up. If you want to get in, you line up.

Bryce Thomas Photography

A view of the line… from the line

If you want to see your comic hero, you line up…

Bryce Thomas Photography

Today, we are all this guy in the line

Yeah, you know the drill.

Bryce Thomas Photography

Lineapalooza 2014

But also: the superhuman patience, the ability to pass long periods of time without getting bored (to death), the power to control your bladder and bowel movements – these take incredible skill. More importantly, you come to appreciate and realise that Supanova is as much about the fans as it is about the people the fans are there for (and you can probably figure out who is the more interesting of the two).

We thought it’d be weird – approaching people, asking them questions – and it kind of was, but it was also strangely cool in the way that strangers didn’t yell at us when we stopped them on the street to tell us stuff about their lives.

Here are some cool humans we met at Supanova 2014.


Bryce Thomas Photography

ANGEL: I’m Princess Leia.

TONY: And I’m her storm trooper.

How are you finding Supanova?

ANGEL: It’s awesome.

TONY: And you got chased by robots too, didn’t you?

ANGEL: Yes I did.

Are you guys going for the whole weekend?

TONY: Nah, we just came up for today. All the way from Canberra.


Bryce Thomas Photography

I’m dressed up as Super San Three Goku. I’ve done Goku twice now but I like mixing it up a bit. This is my first Supanova.

I came last year but I wasn’t dressed up, and I felt so out of it with all the costumes going around – I thought I had to get in on it.


Bryce Thomas Photography





Bryce Thomas Photography

Who are you dressed as?

Raven from Teen Titans – this is the first time I’ve actually cosplayed, which is I guess kind of weird considering I’ve gone so many times.

Is the experience different?

I’ve been stopped a lot, which I didn’t expect because it’s a Friday and I’m suspecting a lot less people than the other days.


Bryce Thomas Photography

I’ve been Samwell Tarly for three Supanovas now.

There are always different people to meet and I always keep making friends in cosplay.

I’ve been in Brisbane – first time I wore a Samwell Tarly costume and just the reception from everyone was really awesome … then I got to meet all the actors [from Game of Thrones] who were up there – so we took a group photo together which was really cool.


This years SUPANOVA pop culture expo took place at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park on Friday, June 13 – Sunday, June 15.

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